Hacking the Grepson

Matt and Mike, two career developers, discuss their experiences and talk about programming in a (hopefully) not-too-technical way.

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Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

The podcast you thought you knew is not exactly the podcast you thought you knew, but also is basically the podcast you thought you knew. Also, we wrap up our coverage of the (now-completed) Advent of Code 2021.

Wednesday Jan 26, 2022

Every programming language can be written using one or more different paradigms, or models. Matt and Mike discuss several popular ones in today's episode.

Wednesday Jan 12, 2022

Matt and Mike talk about a cool annual coding competition to solve daily challenges as quickly as possible.

Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

There are a lot of ways to write code. Pop quiz time for both Matt and Mike! Let's take a quick reading on a bunch of languages.

Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

10 Intro.new(body: 'Hello World! We are Matt and Mike, two career developers who like solving problems with code.') 20 Podcast.new(title: 'Hello World', description: 'On episode one of Hacking the Gibson, we discuss our respective histories with programming, why we got into it, and why we made it our careers.')

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